Efficient Document Management with Verto 365

Store and manage your files securely in one place. Work collaboratively on documents with colleagues, and avoid versioning issues.

Keep control of your documents

Stay in control of your documents and files with Verto 365. Store everything behind government-trusted levels of cybersecurity, and make security worries a thing of the past. 

Simplify your document creation, editing and versioning process. House your files in our cloud-based storage system and access them from anywhere.

Grant different levels of access to your team members, and keep track of activity such as document views, edits or downloads. This is a great way to ensure everyone stays on track and has the information they need to do their best work.

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Verto let's your entire team view every aspect of the project from a single place

Seamless collaboration made easy

Collaboration on documents while avoiding overlapping changes and ensuring your team works in unison is all achievable by utilising the robust document management on offer in Verto. 

  • All users with access can edit the same document simultaneously
  • Documents are automatically version-controlled
  • Pull files directly into Microsoft Office applications for editing
  • Assign tasks when it’s time for document review

Rest assured that your files are up-to-date, centralised and secure. Easily traceable edits make it easy for you to track, approve and revert any changes. 

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Utilise powerful work management tools

Verto 365 offers a range of tools to help you manage your documents, files and projects. Take control over your work or project by:

  • Creating workflows using Kanban boards to minimise email updates
  • Plan your project or workload and manage every milestone
  • Build project timelines with Gantt charts and track your progress
  • Use a RAG matrix to instantly recognise what needs your attention
  • Customise and build your own working dashboard to suit you

Verto 365 is designed to be versatile, agile and efficient. Organise your workload from start to finish with our cloud-based tools, and work collaboratively with teams, remotely or otherwise.

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