Gantt chart software for agile timeline management

Gantt Charts can be used in Verto 365 to create streamlined, interactive project timelines. Break down project activities into timeframes or milestones, track dependencies and show progress in a visually impressive way.

Gantt charts made easy

Verto 365’s Gantt chart function has been designed to simplify your project timeline. Use it to create a visual map of what stage it’s at for the whole team to access, so everyone is on the same page. 

Notify team members and stakeholders as you go, and keep an eye on potential risks well in advance. Customise your Gantt charts with the data that means the most to your project or workflow. 

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Gantt Charts Graphic
Tasks & Milestones - Gantt Charts

Create & manage complex timelines

Track the movement of your project from one central area. Stay updated on the progress of individual tasks as team members record their progress. 

Take care of risks and dependencies in plenty of time, and focus your attention where it’s needed most. Verto 365 records a complete historical timeline of all changes made to the project, which you can review and revert to if needed. 

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Present your timelines in style

Get buy-in from stakeholders with visually impressive Gantt charts. Showcase your strategy in the most comprehensive way possible.

Share your vision with colleagues and teams, and keep everyone on the same page. Ensure everybody is kept in the loop for milestones and deadlines. Keep stakeholders happy with a multi-angled view of your project.

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Assign tasks & encourage ownership

Assign workflows to individual team members to promote autonomy of work. Keep track of who is working on what through the visibility and transparency of the platform. Easily coordinate your teams for maximum efficiency with the tools that Verto 365 has to offer. 

With Verto 365’s schedule management capabilities, your teams can be as flexible as they need to be. Use Gantt charts and Kanban boards in tandem to ensure everyone stays on task and on time.

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Take control of your timeline

  • Curate a visual project schedule
  • Manage dependencies & deadlines
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Keep teams & stakeholders informed
  • Adapt your timeline if things change
  • Get better buy-in with striking visuals

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