Manage everything with custom Project Dashboards

Gain a live, holistic and interactive picture of your project’s progress with Verto 365’s dashboard feature.

All your data in one place

Consolidate data from multiple business areas with a single, centralised hub. Gain a bird’s eye view of your project with Verto 365’s dashboards. Easily find all the most up-to-date data and information you need by customising your dashboards to suit your needs. With Verto 365, you can:

  • Build custom project dashboards for the data that matters most
  • Consolidate all information into one platform
  • Remove, add or amend dashboard widgets to show data as you need to see it
  • Present project data to stakeholders in a visually impressive way

With streamlined, easy-to-digest data, keeping track of your project is made easier than ever.

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Verto let's your entire team view every aspect of the project from a single place
Verto let's your team get a detailed view of the things that matter with your project

A tailored view of your project

Customise your dashboard with team member data or information for stakeholders, showing data on budgets, funding, tasks, milestones and more. Filter the dashboard using simple methods and design by project stage, progress and status. 

  • Use an RAG matrix to recognise where your attention is needed
  • Chop and change as needed, our dashboards are built for agile management
  • Build a dashboard that presents the data that matters most to your stakeholders

With Verto 365, you’re not limited in how you display data. Discover how our dashboards can streamline how you present project progress. 

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Keep track of changes and movements

Verto 365 records a timeline of every change that is made to the project. You can review any changes made and revert them to their previous versions if necessary, making the management of your information very flexible and secure. With new starters, remote workers or people on leave, Verto 365’s project dashboards make it easier to track individual activity along with the lifespan of your project.

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Manage your change history easily with Verto
Resource management dashboard view

Easily coordinate your project team

Verto 365 can provide a calendar view of all the work across your projects. With this, you can coordinate the schedules of all team members, giving everyone visibility of key tasks, activities and milestones. 

  • Build timelines and schedules using Gantt charts
  • Assign task ownership to the right people
  • Plan workflows using Kanban boards

Verto 365 is a complete project management solution. Organise every aspect of your project with a range of tools, and consolidate it all together within a custom dashboard.

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A bird’s eye network view

See all dependencies involved in your projects with the Verto 365 network map. Understand which milestones are relying on others, and what needs to be done to move things forward. Link specific milestones across projects, programmes and portfolios, easily managing your dependencies. 

Use your dependency map to inform task priorities and changes to your project schedule. Easily adapt to risks by understanding how they affect milestones and deliverables. Stay one step ahead of the game with Verto 365.

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Project network view allows you to visualise the entire project network and explore its spider web