Gantt chart software for agile project management

Utilise Verto 365’s Gantt charts to create streamlined, interactive project timelines. Keep track of risks, milestones and tasks in a visually impressive way

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Gantt charts made easy

Verto 365’s Gantt chart function has been designed to simplify project tracking. Project managers can create timelines and workflows for each part of their project, managing progress all from one cloud based hub. Keep track of risks, milestones, deadlines and benefits all along the project timeline, notifying team members and stakeholders as you go. Gantt charts within Verto 365 can be customised with the data that means the most to your project.

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Tasks & Milestones - Gantt Charts

A comprehensive project timeline

Keep track of every aspect of your project from one location. Stay updated on the progress of individual tasks, with team members able to record progress into the system. Watch out for upcoming milestones, dependencies or deadlines, and focus your attention on the parts of the project that need it the most. With every change that is made to the project, Verto 365 records a complete historical timeline. Review any changes made and revert back if needed.

Assign task leads and ownership

Assign workflows to individual team members, and keep track on who is working on what. Easily coordinate your teams with schedule management, capacity planning and customisable task visibility. This is essential for agile project management, where teams may need to be flexible in the wake of changing circumstances. Alongside our agile Kanban boards, Verto 365’s workflow tracking ensures everyone stays on task and on time.

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