Project planning from start to finish

Verto 365 offers a range of agile tools to make project planning and tracking easier than ever. With the versatility to support diverse methodologies, Verto’s extensive PPM software allows you to manage multiple programmes and portfolios from your web platform or directly from within Microsoft Teams.

Tools for planning a project

Project planning requires the management of many moving parts and the Verto 365 suite of tools can help organise this process. For example, schedules can be easily created and managed with simplicity, all from one streamlined workspace and interactive Gantt charts can be created to provide a visual representation of your project milestones. Using this tool, you can easily use the ‘offset dates’ feature if project timings change to push back or bring forward entire project plans.

Project and programme management is adaptable and agile with Verto 365, using Dynamic Dashboards to track all information. Through this method of agile project tracking, you’ll be able to manage your project timeline, tasks, and teams with more control than ever before.

It’s also easy to integrate Verto 365 with other software currently in use, allowing you to use your preferred tool within the wider project workspace.

Risk and dependency management

Verto 365 provides a comprehensive risk management function that can be configured, displayed and managed at every level of your project infrastructure. From workspace level to project level, and then up to portfolio and programme management level.

Verto 365 is an easily customisable system that makes it simple to visualise your project risks from one place, so everyone involved can plan in advance. Risk management can help you:

  • Manage a visual risk matrix tailored to you
  • Plan and track project risks effectively
  • Cumulatively score all your projects with a RAG (red, amber, green) status

Once your risks are established, use the network map to instantly identify cross-project dependencies between activities. For example, connect a project risk and a project milestone to see the dependency that risk may have on the associated milestone.

RIsk and issue mitigation

Effective documentation management

Using Verto 365, you can centralise all information and documentation within the secure, unlimited cloud-based storage. The streamlined document management area ensures everyone on the project is working on the correct document containing the most up-to-date information.

With version control, you can rest assured that everyone can work collaboratively on a single document simultaneously, avoiding versioning issues. Easily skip back through version history to revisit previous content and make amends if required.

Configurable workflow and stakeholder approvals

A fully configurable workflow can be set up in multiple ways by different teams and departments across the organisation, according to project size and complexity. They can be customised to incorporate PMO or SMT sign off at any stage – notifying approvers when a document is ready for review. Plus, all changes, requests and approvals are recorded providing a complete audit trail.

Progress and project tracking

Track and manage everything, from day one to the deadline. Your Verto 365 dashboards are a central hub that you customise to whatever degree works for you. Choose from a huge array of widgets and templates so you have a complete picture at the click of a button. Keep an eye on the information most important to you by keeping it front and centre.

The filter option allows you to pull up important deadlines and key milestones, and to see progress made by each member of the team in real time. Keep your projects on course with agile project planning tools.

A guide to successfully tracking benefits for your programme.

Report the data that matters

Verto 365 boasts powerful reporting at multiple levels. All reports are run in real-time, so only the latest information is presented, and you can use tags and filters to ‘slice and dice’ the data as much as required for custom reports and different stakeholder needs.

Reports measure project performance by linking project outputs to performance outcomes and KPIs for the project, programme or organisation. When you are ready to share, reports can be exported in different formats including Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF etc.

What else can Verto 365 do?

Verto has fully configurable workflow so that workspaces and projects can move through defined stages and approvals. The workflows can be set up in multiple ways by different teams and departments across the organisation according to project size and complexity. They can be customised to incorporate approvals and a complete audit trail.

  • Verto boasts powerful reporting at multiple levels
  • Export in different formats including Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, TIFF etc
  • All reports are run in real-time, so only the latest information is presented
  • Use ‘tags and filters’ to ‘slice and dice’ the data as much as required
  • And use our data extracts for tools such as PowerBI, Tableau and QlikView

Verto’s benefits realisation feature records quantitative and qualitative benefits which are then tracked and reported against at multiple levels, via the dashboard and comprehensive reports.

Financial management allows users to track cost profiles over time, providing full transparency on project spend. Financial integrations with systems such as SAP, Oracle, Pegasus, Agresso,

  • Manage and track scheduled and planned resources including heatmap views
  • See where each resource is planned and current utilisation percentages
  • Actively monitor resource allocation and capacity for any given day
  • Assign rate cards to resource roles and specific time periods
  • Full Timesheet management and approvals down to task level
  • Link project outputs to performance outcomes and KPIs across the organisation
  • Create performance groups and objectives to ease the management of multiple KPIs
  • Compare performance against other departments, services and organisations and track progress
  • Produce custom reports, plans and graphs tailored to suit each organisation’s needs