Kanban Boards to Streamline Your Workflows

Visualise your workload with Verto 365’s Kanban boards. Assign tasks with ease, track their progress and manage your entire workflow from one centralised, aesthetically pleasing hub.

Work Management Simplified

Kanban boards – coming from the Japanese words “kan” (visual) and “ban” (signal) – are one of the most effective ways to manage your work in an agile way. Using a visual ‘board’, tasks can be moved around to give a clearer picture of how a project is progressing.

Manage your work in a visual, streamlined way with Verto 365’s Kanban boards. Plot out tasks, activities, schedules, workflows and more, using the simple, customisable interface. Stay in control of progress and ensure your workflow stays on track. 

  • See everything on one screen
  • Quickly see activity status
  • Visualise projects better
  • Move tasks around with ease

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Improve Collaboration in Your Team

Empower your teams through the seamless ability to collaborate. Utilise Verto 365’s wide range of functions to keep your team well-oiled and working together. Collaborate on centralised files, and avoid versioning issues with our document management hub.

Keep everyone updated on timelines and deadlines with our scheduling function. Avoid the silo mentality with tools designed for collaboration. Foster the environment that is best for your teams, whether they work in person or remotely. 

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Be More Agile

Verto 365 helps projects become more agile. Use our Kanban boards for conveyor-style task management or as a general hub for your workload, or for resources. Quickly adapt to changes by reshuffling your board and evolving how you work to match the needs of your project. 

Easily reorganise your workflow if the need arises. Remove or assign responsibility to individual tasks as different expertise is needed. 

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