Reporting streamlined with Verto 365

Create intuitive and interactive data reports for your project or programme. Customise your reports to suit your needs, and present the data that matters most.

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Agile software for all your reporting needs

Generate a multitude of different types of reports with Verto 365. From a single click, you can effortlessly collate project data into impressive reports ready for presentation to stakeholders

Reports are completely customisable. You can lean on the Verto team to create various templates deliverable to different individuals quickly and easily. Data you can report on with Verto 365 includes:

Use Verto 365 to plan, schedule and manage your projects at every level, and report back to all relevant stakeholders. Consolidate and streamline your data for reporting with a visual-first approach.

Detailed project reports made easy with Verto 365 – Request a demo today

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Show off real-time data dashboards

Use the dashboard feature within Verto 365 to track all relevant project data. Stay on top of all your project’s moving parts with dashboards that you can customise. Create a report type for stakeholders, another for team members and another for yourself. 

Customise your dashboards to show the data that matters, and present progress in real-time. Easily transpose dashboard data to your reports, and reduce time spent compiling data, because it’s already there. 

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Streamline your stakeholder approvals

Easily present a visual display of complete project progress with Verto 365’s range of tools. With Verto 365, you can:

  • Create project workflows and tasks and assign ownership of each one
  • Instantly notify approvers when progress is logged
  • Track project history with an automatically recorded audit trail
  • Avoid versioning issues with centralised document management

Verto 365 streamlines the entire project management process, from planning through to stakeholder approvals. Fast-track PMO or SMT sign-off by simplifying how you complete tasks and present your progress.

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Track and manage project progress

Use interactive Gantt charts to create a visual timeline for your project and workflows. Present the progress of individual team members and tasks, and evidence your input and feedback where needed. 

Report on upcoming milestones and risks, while presenting pre-prepared solutions to any approaching hurdles. Verto 365 allows all reporting to be agile and adaptable, with multiple report types available, alongside real-time data. 

Track, manage and present an impressive picture of project progress with Verto 365.

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