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Verto 365 is a project management solution scalable to your organisation that can be used fully embedded within Microsoft Teams.

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What are Verto 365’s Kanban Boards?

Kanban boards – coming from the Japanese words “kan” (visual) and “ban” (signal) – are one of the most effective ways to be agile when managing a project. Using a visual ‘board’, tasks can be moved around to give a clearer picture of how a project is progressing.

Verto 365’s Kanban boards provide a visual way to plot out tasks, activities, schedules, workflows, reporting and processes. By using columns and moveable cards, teams can keep an eye on progress and easily spot potential risks as they arise. Unlike more traditional methods, Kanban boards provide a far more agile and visually appealing way to manage projects.


How can I use Verto 365's Boards?

  • Plot out workflows and clear processes 
  • Follow progress to make sure tasks move through each stage to deadline 
  • Optimise your workflow to help your team work faster and easily spot bottlenecks 
  • Give each initiative a column, so everyone on the team knows when they’ll work on what 
  • Send team members notifications when a task is ready for their input


Empower your team

Individual tasks are as important as the overall project. Our agile Kanban boards enable teams to see what needs doing, and in-turn improve both collaboration and autonomy. Not only does this make team members more productive, it tactically avoids any micro-management issues.

By accessing Kanban boards from Verto 365’s centralised hub, teams can stay in the loop on the progress of tasks. Encourage your teams to take ownership of their tasks through tag-based delegation, and manage access per user.

Move tasks around

Use the board as a workflow to move tasks from beginning to completion, or use a specific board for task lists as part of a workspace. Kanban boards are a very versatile tool in agile project management, and can benefit your workflow in many ways.

From conveyor-style task movement to a general task hub, Verto 365’s Boards helps projects become more agile.

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