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Increase productivity with the Verto 365 project collaboration tools

Verto 365 enables teams, departments, and partner organisations to streamline collaboration across their projects.

Remote Working Collaboration

Online collaboration made easy

Verto 365 is designed to help you work together effectively. Not only are the cloud-based tools accessible from anywhere, supporting your hybrid working team, but by using Verto 365 from within Microsoft Teams you can enjoy all work management functionality and continue to communicate with all relevant stakeholders and teammates from one single platform.

This helps to streamline communication, centralise workflows, and seamlessly work together across projects.

Notifications, key dates, milestones, actions, and deadlines related to your projects are available for all to see within Teams to keep your project on track no matter where you are physically working from.

Progress information can be centralised and shared quickly and easily by creating and consolidating data within dynamic dashboards. Choose from a huge range of widgets and create as many dashboards as your project requires to highlight certain data in a particular way. Your workforce can plan and action work on project documents together, ensuring versioning issues are a thing of the past. With Verto 365, you get:

  • A centralised, online workspace
  • Powerful, configurable visuals for your data
  • End-to-end project planning including Kanban boards
  • Visual milestones and timelines within interactive Gantt chart functionality
  • Streamlined document collaboration and management features
  • Customisable reporting capabilities with dynamic dashboards

Using Verto 365 as a collaboration platform in this way will ensure teams can work fluidly across the project, staying up-to-date and on schedule. Verto 365 is quick to integrate and easy to use, helping you to centralise your project into one online platform.

Task & timeline management

Create interactive Gantt charts to track and manage tasks, deadlines and milestones across your project or programme. Maintain schedules for your teams to follow, and assign workflows and tasks to individual teams. Manage all this and more from a completely customisable dashboard and user interface directly from within Microsoft Teams or from within your browser view.

Users can import MS Project Plans into Verto 365, allowing you to use your preferred tool within the platform. Through this method of task management, you can ensure your project teams are updated on every relevant aspect of the project.

Effective documentation management

Using Verto 365, you can centralise all information and documentation within the secure, unlimited cloud-based storage. The streamlined document management area ensures everyone on the project is working on the correct document containing the most up-to-date information.

With version control, you can rest assured that everyone can work collaboratively on a single document simultaneously, avoiding versioning issues. Easily skip back through version history to revisit previous content and make amends if required.

Configurable user dashboards

Customise project dashboards with the data that matters to you. Verto 365 boasts powerful data reporting at multiple levels, with real time data visualisations, in the form of widgets, available. With a huge number of widgets to choose from, dashboards can be as simple or complex as you need. Provide each team member and stakeholder with the information that matters to them quickly and in a visually appealing format.

Stay up to date with every aspect of your project, with notifications for key milestones and deadlines. View your teams’ progress in real-time, and avoid unnecessary catch-up meetings with each member.

Collaboration within Microsoft Teams

  • Verto 365 used directly within Microsoft Teams improves productivity by maintaining the flow of work. Instead of using several platforms to achieve activities relating to your work, communication and work collaboration can now live in one place for you and your team to achieve more.
  • Verto 365 has been designed to integrate seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, so the look and feel when using Verto 365’s powerful work management tools is as if Teams has had a radical upgrade. This makes implementation easier as users learn a new system from within one they are already familiar with.
  • No need to navigate away to separate systems and no need to log in multiple times. Verto 365 is accessible instantly as you open your Teams window.
  • Staff feel empowered to do more and remain engaged with their tasks. Collaboration is simpler with every member of your team informed of their responsibilities and wider project goals.
  • This streamlined communication allows for projects to be managed in an agile way, whether in the office or remotely.
  • Avoid project communication lags with Verto 365 collaboration tools within Microsoft Teams.