Efficient Document Management with Verto 365

Verto 365’s document management system allows teams to securely store and collaborate on files, all from one location

Streamline Your Document Management System With Verto 365

Verto 365’s document management system allows teams to securely store and collaborate on files, all from one location

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A single hub to manage documents

Verto 365 centralises any changes made to documents, putting an end to versioning issues.

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Avoid accessibility issues

Increase productivity by unlocking files globally and enabling effective document collaboration throughout your teams.

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Centralised document sharing

Stop documents being emailed and stored locally. Declutter the inbox to make space for more important things.

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Trusted by government

Ensure documents are secure. Our servers and applications are thoroughly security tested and used by Government organisations.

Keep control of assets and resources

Keep control of your corporate assets and avoid the multiple versions scenario, while also ensuring your data is secure. Verto 365’s document management system offers full audit trails and granular access, enabling you to keep track of any views, changes and downloads to the files. 

Make security worries a thing of the past with Government-trusted levels of cyber security stopping any potential leaks or data breaches. Access is granted to those you decide, with different levels of access available for different people, in the office or remotely.

Collaborate with Microsoft Office applications

Store documents in Verto 365, while editing them directly in Microsoft Office applications. Avoid unnecessary downloads or overlapping changes, and enable seamless collaboration.

  • Multiple users can feed into a document simultaneously 
  • Documents are automatically locked and version controlled to keep everything organised 
  • Create workflows for document review and approvals to minimise email updates 
  • Whether you need feedback or document sign-off, Verto 365 makes it simple to assign tasks to the individuals that matter 

Seamless collaboration made easy

With our versatile document management and collaboration tool, project managers can rest assured that files are up to date, centralised and secure. Thanks to government-trusted security, effortless team collaboration and easily traceable edits, organisations across multiple sectors can transform the way project documents are created and managed.

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