Remote and home working

Keep projects and activities on track whatever the location on one platform

Remote working

Keep projects and activities on track whatever the location on one platform

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Remote & Home Working with Verto
ERemote Working Management

Manage teams working remotely and keep projects and activities on track with one platform

Remote working can be a daunting prospect but, having the right tools in place to centralise your workforce and allow for collaborative working can be just as effective as being in the office. 

Verto brings people together to collaborate and manage activities and projects on one cloud-based platform, whatever your location. It manages everything from simple day to day tasks through to major initiatives right across the organisation 

Collaborate in one virtual space

One platform where everyone in your team can work together. Centralise all communication and see the progress of activities and projects in one place. 

With Verto all the important things are easy to navigate, like project plans and details, files, feedback, conversation history and more. 

Remote Working Collaboration
Working From Home with Verto

Develop and manage documents together

Verto lets your team work collectively on project documents and stores them all in one secure cloud-based location, with unlimited storage. Microsoft Office integration means that multiple team members can work simultaneously on documents through their desktop apps and version control sees an end to multiple versions of documents being sent around via email. 

Stay in touch

With Verto Chat, individuals, project teams and the whole organisation can stay connected remotely. Chat and message alerts are available through the companion app (Vertogo), mobile and desktop so you’ll never miss a thing.

Organise conversation feeds to have productive and actionable tasks with relevant team members. The ability to link to documents and project information means you can easily locate and share to save hunting around for them.

Verto Go Team Communication on Phone
Real Time Updates While Remote Working

Real-time updates

Receive real-time work updates with everyone working in the same platform and keep the project momentum moving forward. You know what’s going on and can solve small issues before they become big problems. 

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The work collaboration platform for everyone

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